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Due to Covid-19 and ensuring your safety, we are introducing our Small Business BootCamp to the virtual world
January 29th-31st!

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Results from Boot Camp Include

A Business Action

Upon completion of BootCamp, each participant will leave with the confidence they can transform their business to a high performing enterprise.  They will have a Vision for where they want to go, understand the mission of the business, have specific identifiable long-term, interim and short-term goals which will give them every chance for success.  Team Delta3’s “leave nothing to chance” methodology will provide this roadmap.

Concepts Related to Growth

Most small and medium sized business owners don’t understand the three ways to grow a business.  This lack of knowledge is a significant barrier to their success.  After completion of BootCamp, they will understand the only three ways to grow a business and have a plan to use these three ways to grow their own business.  In addition, they will understand the need to develop systems and processes to support the three ways to grow.

KPI's and Metrics for Success

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.  Unfortunately, most business owners track very little.  They pay attention to their bank account.  They might even monitor profit or sales.  At Team Delta3, we will help the participants of BootCamp come to understand the need to track other Key Performance Indicators which will drive sales and success.  Like a football coach, business owners need to do more than “watch the scoreboard.”  They need to understand the importance of “business first downs”, “business passes and completions” and the list goes on.

Why Attend Team Delta 3 Boot Camp?

After completion of BootCamp, each participant will leave with the tools and understanding of how to grow their business and be successful entrepreneurs. Equally important, as a result of this “emersion” for three days, they will leave exhausted yet determined to build a successful business. With a one week, one month and ninety day game-plan in hand, the chances for sustainable success are high.

Small Business Boot Camp Concept & Results

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration,

70 percent of new businesses survive at least two years, but that drops to 50 percent by the five-year mark and 33 percent at the 10 year point with just 25 percent lasting 15 years or more.

This Boot Camp is designed to have every participate leave with a Plan of Action, when implemented, will give them a chance to be in the group of small businesses that make it to the 15 year mark and beyond. It is designed to be an intensive training period which will extend into the evening each day. Concepts related to Growth, Key Performance Indicators and Metrics will be developed for each business. These indicators will be the drivers going forward to provide measurable results.

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About the company

At Team Delta3 we are accepting the challenge of teaching and training small and medium-sized business owners how to grow their businesses.

Our VISION is to ensure all small businesses succeed.

Our MISSION is to help business owners improve their quality of life through radical transformation of their business processes.  We will do this by teaching the three measurable ways to grow a business, help define repeatable processes and hold our clients accountable to their plans for success.

“ We give business owners the greatest chances for success while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and honesty.


From the very beginning of our companies, Tony Cochran has been the key trusted business advisor we turn to for advice. The experience he has across multiple business lines has helped us create Companies more profitable than we could have ever imagined. We treat him as if he is an owner in our Companies.

Kyle Wilson

Allison Ross was a part of the team I engaged to evaluate my practice seeking ways to streamline processes and identify opportunities for growth. Allison is a consummate professional I would highly recommend.

Dr. Timothy C. Nichols

Boot Camp Overview

Day One

Each participate will be assigned to a Team of 6-8 participants. These teams will not be assigned by industry or region. They will be just the opposite, providing diversity of industry and geography.

As the first day progresses, by way of designed Team exercises, a Synergy will result, creating confidence within each Team to share details about each member’s business. Two key concepts will be introduced. The first concept is the need to work ON their business not IN their business. The second concept is to start from the Bottom and work Up.

Day two

Early on day two, with a Mission and Vision statement in place, each participate will start to understand the three Measurable drivers for growth (Delta 3). Regardless of the type, size or makeup of any business, there are only three Measurable ways to grow a business. Understanding these three ways to grow a business is vital to long-term success.

Typically, each business has one of these drivers which is key to its success. Understanding how these drivers interact with each other in a specific business is critical to the development of a Plan of Action.

Day Three

Early on day three, each participant will be led through the process of creating a rough projection and detailed plan, both aligned with the Goals and Objective set so far. These will include measurable dollar targets, but more importantly, the Key Performance Indicators and Metrics which will drive growth and success specific to their business.

Finally, each participant will create an Early Yardage strategy. This strategy will specifically detail steps to be taken in the next week, next month and next ninety-days, to reach milestones which will start them on a path to success. Early, easily achievable tasks provide confidence in the next steps necessary to transform your business. At noon on day three, the Boot Camp is adjourned.

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